Future of North Dartmouth Library

North Dartmouth Library will not be able to stay at its current location once a planned road relocation project routes the road right through the North Dartmouth Library building on Tucker Rd.

Outline – Timeline
Read the 2007 Transportation Study that proposes to remove the current library on Tucker Rd – the reason why the Dartmouth Public Libraries Trustees began to plan for alternatives.

Read our June 2014 FAQ on the future of the North Dartmouth Library created in the early stages of response to the information in the Transportation Study.

A Public Hearing was held at Town Hall on July 17, 2014 to discuss the proposed changes to Tucker Rd’s intersection with Route 6.

Read the Planning and Design Grant received in June 2014 from the State of MA to begin planning for what will happen regarding a branch library in the northern part of Dartmouth.

Read our updated July 2015 FAQ on the future of North Dartmouth Library to get a good overview of actions/information from the outset through Summer 2015.

Updates Since Receipt of this Planning and Design Grant:
Feb 25, 2015: First meeting of the Library Building Committee – Minutes February 25, 2015.

March 24, 2015: Second meeting of the Library Building Committee, originally scheduled for March 19, but postponed due to snow. Draft Minutes March 24, 2015.

April 2015: The Library Building Program was completed by Library Building Consultant Sondra Vandermark.

May 2015: Read the Dartmouth Building Program Final Report issued May 13, 2015 by Sondra Vandermark.

May 2015: Director of Libraries Lynne Antunes presented the Library Building Program, with a few small amendments, to the Library Board of Trustees at their meeting on May 12. The Board voted to accept the plan as amended. The plan was sent to the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and was accepted.

June 2015: The town received the first two grant payments, totaling $40,000.00 A Request for Qualifications for an Owner’s Project Manager was drafted by Town Director of Development, Deborah Melino-Wender and was published. Bids are due by June 29, 2015. The state requires that an Owner’s Project Manager be hired to oversee this project.

traffic relocation imageIllustration from page 28 of SRPEDD report